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Free Recipient Mailing List Addressing for weddings, Christmas, holidays, graduations, and other special celebrations and events.
Bachcroft Labels

Two Ways to Get Your Mailing List to Bachcroft
(Mailing List Printing is Always FREE.)

The Mailing List Printing Center

Click How to Use The Mailing List Printing Center for detailed instructions about setting up an account and entering or editing your mailing list.

For most customers, the easiest and preferred way to provide their mailing list is to use our online Mailing List Printing Center. Bachcroft's Mailing List Printing Center offers you complete control over how your mailing list is managed. Use it as often or as little as you would like, year after year. And at Bachcroft, we are committed to honoring your privacy. Your mailing list is used for the sole purpose of printing an order you have placed with Bachcroft. Any other use of a customer's mailing list is strictly prohibited.

To access the center, click on "Enter The Mailing List Printing Center." Once you are in the center, you will need to set up an account. Your account and all of Bachcroft's address labels printing services are always provided to you free of charge.

Always fill in your return address information in the customer information section, even if you do not plan to order return address labels. If you ever forget your username and/or password, simply contact us and tell us the name and address in the customer information section. We'll be able to look up your account and send your login information to your email address.

An Excel Spreadsheet

Click How to Create a Mailing List in Excel for detailed instructions about creating a spreadsheet to send to The Mailing List Printing Center at Bachcroft.

Although The Mailing List Printing Center has the advantage of being pre-formatted and therefore mailing lists stored there do not need approval before printing, some customers find it more convenient to use an EXCEL spreadsheet. If you would like to send your mailing list in an EXCEL spreadsheet, please follow the brief instructions below for "How to Prepare Your Spreadsheet for Address Labels Printing" or select the link above for detailed instructions.

When your ready to send your mailing list, email your EXCEL file to mailinglists@bachcroft.com. Once your Excel file has been approved, generally within 24 hours, the Mailing List Printing Center will send you an email notification. (We're sorry. Bachcroft does not accept MicroSoft Word files for address labels printing.)

How to Prepare Your Spreadsheet for Address Labels Printing
Although it does not matter how the columns in your spreadsheet are labeled, you may want to label them like this: Name; Street Address and Apt; City; State (Province); Zip (Postal) Code. For foreign addresses, you'll need a sixth column for the country. When formatting a spreadsheet, do not skip rows.

What to do if you are having a problem logging into your account

Once you save records in your account in the Mailing List Printing Center they'll remain there unless you delete them, so don't worry.
They are not lost, and you won't have to start over again. There are only two possible reasons why you are not able to login to your account.

Reason No.1: You are not using the correct USERNAME and/or PASSWORD.

If you are having a problem accessing your account and you are not sure what your
username and password are, please contact Customer Service or The Mailing List Printing Center.

Email: mailinglists@bachcroft.com
Voice: 1-800-960-3234, Ext. 2 or 1-888-333-0234, Ext. 2

Reason No. 2: Your computer is "locked" into your account. This can happen
if you did not log out of your account since your previous session is still active.

If you are confident that you are using the correct username and password, but you cannot login to your account, please follow the
instructions below. It is important that you DO NOT SKIP ANY STEPS. (CAUTION: Although you can safely bookmark this page
or any other page at Bachcroft, bacause it is a database you should not bookmark the Mailing List Printing Center.)

Instructions for How to Correct a Login Problem
1) Leave the Mailing List Printing Center. You can go to a Bachcroft shopping page or any other place on the Internet.
2) In your browser, find the place to delete your computer's history of where you have been on the Internet. Then, delete that history.
3) After you have deleted that history, shut down your browser and WAIT AT LEAST ONE FULL MINUTE before restarting your browser.
4) After your browser has restarted, return to Bachcroft Labels. Then, go to the Mailing List Printing Center and login.





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