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Complimentary Labels

Complimentary designer return address labels.

Complimentary Return Address Labels

Because we want Bachcroft's customers to always have return address labels when they need them, all orders ship with Bachcroft's elegantly designed Complimentary Everyday Return Address Labels.

With every order you place, Bachcroft includes 30 Free Everyday Return Address Labels. Select one of our designer label styles or a monogram label style. Orders of $40 or more ship with 60 Free Everyday Return Address Labels. (Options A through D are limited to 30 labels per order.)

Either here or during checkout, select one of the complimentary label designs from A through P (shown here only). Then, while you are filling out your order form, we'll ask you to tell us what to print on your complimentary labels. (Complimentary labels are printed in the typestyle shown.) We'll send 30 or 60 of the labels you selected, printed with your return address information.

Goodwin Free Return Address Labels

A: Goodwin

Lee Free Return Address Labels

B: Lee

Lopez Free Return Address Labels

C: Lopez

Salisbury Free Return Address Labels

D: Salisbury

Newlyweds Free Return Address Labels

E: Newlyweds

Livingston Free Return Address Labels

F: Livingston

Westland Free Return Address Labels

G: Westland

Bernstein Free Return Address Labels

H: Bernstein

Blackburn Free Return Address Labels

I: Blackburn

DeWitt Free Return Address Labels

J: DeWitt

Russell Free Return Address Labels

K: Russell

Oberlin Free Return Address Labels

L: Oberlin

Sloan Free Return Address Labels

M: Sloan

Burke Free Return Address Labels

N: Burke

Sorensen Free Return Address Labels

O: Sorensen

Taylor Free Return Address Labels

P: Taylor





Tips for Ordering Monogram Labels

If you select monogram labels, on your order form please tell us the initial or initials to print when you get to the "Special Printing Instructions" box. Traditionally, a monogram contains three initials. When the middle initial in a monogram is for the last name, that letter is always printed larger.

One-person Monogram: If the monogram is for one person, the order that the initials appear in is first name initial, last name initial, middle name initial. Example: John Keith Newton's monogram would be JNK.

Two-person Monogram: If the monogram is for two people, the initials printed would be one person's first name initial, the first initial of their shared last name, and the other person's first name initial. For example, Kelly and Jeff Erickson's monogram would be KEJ.

Tips for Ordering Newlyweds Labels

If you are ordering complimentary labels for newlyweds, be sure to specify the name and address to be printed on your complimentary labels. Return address labels for newlyweds are a convenient way to let everyone know that you have a new mailing address.

Bachcroft understands that often couples do not know what their new address will be after their wedding day. If you are placing an order and you do not know what your future address will be, you can still receive your free labels if you contact us within one year from the time you place your order. Once you know your permanent address, simply contact us and tell us when your order was placed, what you would like printed on your complimentary labels, and where you would like them shipped.

For help with placing your order, call Customer Service at 1-800-960-3234.

Free Typesetting & Shipping

Free typesetting and Free Shipping.

Enjoy free shipping whenever you place an order of $50 or more. All orders of $75 or more automatically ship to you with free rush delivery.

Free Mailing List Printing

Free guest list printing for weddings, holidays, graduations, christenings, birthdays, and more.

Start your invitation planning with Bachcroft's fine stationery self-adhesive address labels. Then, have us do all of your guest list addressing, free of charge.

Free Stationery Labels

Free return address labels.

While you're placing your order, tell us which free designer or monogram return address labels you'd like us to include—compliments of Bachcroft.





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