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How to Use The Mailing List Printing Center


Click "ENTER THE MAILING LIST PRINTING CENTER HERE" to begin. Next, you will see "Welcome to The Mailing List Printing Center."

On the right side of the screen is a list of contact information as well as business hours. If you ever need help, email or call The Mailing List Printing Center for assistance.

In the middle of the screen there are three buttons. Select "Create New Account."

new customer

Once you are at the "New Customer Information" screen, fill in all three sections.

After you have entered a username and password for your new account, take the time to record your login credentials.

The "First Name," "Last Name," and "Email Address" fields are used to verify ownership of your account. They are not a part of the "Return Address" section.

Be sure to fill in the return address section, even if you will not be ordering return address labels. If you should ever need to contact Bachcroft because you do not know your username or password, these are the fields (lines) that would be use to look up your account.

Ordinarily, your name would be entered on Line 1. Your street address would be entered on Line 2, and your city, state/province, and your zip/postal code on line three. If you would like to use a separate line for an apartment or for a country, you will need all four lines.

Once you're finished, click "Save Customer Information" to continue.

no addresses yet

The Welcome screen gives you an opportunity to check your account information. If you'd like to make any changes, selecting "Edit Customer Information."

Below your account information, you will see a message letting you know how many names and addresses are currently in your account.

If you are ready to begin entering a mailing list, click "Create Your Mailing List Now" to begin. If you are ready to end your session, click "Exit/Log Out."

Important: Always end a session by clicking on "Exit/Log Out." If you forget to log out of your account and are unable to access your account the next time you want use it, follow the instructions for What to do if you ever have a problem logging in to your account.

no entries yet 2

Now that we are at the address-entry screen, let's take a close look.

The three fields in the middle of the screen are for sorting purposes only. Anything that you type in these three fields will NOT be printed. Leave these fields blank, unless you would like Bachcroft to sort your mailing list. Unlike all of the other services available in The Mailing List Printing Center, sorting is not a free service.

The lower half of this screen is where you will add the names and addresses in your mailing list.

When you want to type in a person's name and address, use the address lines on the right side of the screen.

If you would like to copy and paste names and address from Microsoft Word, or any other word processing program, and the names and address in your mailing list were typed in like this

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Brighton
243 Chestnut Avenue
Scarborough, ME 04076

you should use the window on the left side of the screen.

type in new entry

Here, the name and address of the first person in the mailing list has been typed into the first three address lines. This is the way this person's name and address will appear on the address label printing screen before it is typeset and printed onto an actual label.

If you would like the zip/postal code to appear below the city and state, that would be typed on "Address Line 4."

After you've checked for typos, click "Save" and then click "Add Another Address" to continue creating your mailing list.

paste in new address

Want to enter a mailing list created in a wordprocessing program? That's easy, too.

Begin by opening the document that has your mailing list in it. Then, copy the name and the complete address of the first person in that document. Next, paste that into the window on the lower left of this screen and click "Parse Address."


Parse, save, add new address

Selecting "Parse Address" moves whatever was pasted in the window on the left into address lines on the right.

Remember to save the person's record before you click "Add Another Address." If you forget to save the record you just created, a pop-up screen will remind you that the record has not yet been saved.

View your mailing list

Select "View Your Mailing List" to see the complete list of people you've saved in your mailing list. This screen shows you everyone's name that you entered in "Address Line 1" of your mailing list.

Notice that this screen also tells you the total number of names and addresses that are currently in your mailing-list account.

At the top, bottom, and right-hand side of the "View Your Mailing List" screen are buttons that allow you to add, update, edit, and delete a record associated with your account.

To see all of the information you've entered for the people in your mailing list, click on "Expand Mailing List."

expand mailing list

The expanded mailing-list screen allows you to quickly see all of the address lines for everyone in your mailing list, as well as the total number of records your mailing list contains.

Once selected, individual records can be edited or deleted. After making changes to your mailing list, select "Refresh List" to view your updated list.

To see just the names of the people on your list, click "Compress List."

Once you've entered your mailing list, this is a good screen to revisit and scan for edits you may want to make.

delete blank records

Before you exit your mailing-list account, it's a good idea to use either the expanded view or the compressed view to check for blank records you may have accidentally created. Deleting blank records will ensure that you are always shown an accurate count of the number of names and address currently in your account.

From either of these screens, you can also click on "Return to Customer Info" if you would like to make any changes to your customer information.

Update customer info

As mentioned earlier, your customer information screen also contains the information needed to find your account if you contact customer service for assistance retrieving your login information.

Keeping your customer information up-to-date makes it easy for us to quickly locate your account.


When you are ready to leave your mailing-list account, make sure that you log out by going to this screen and clicking the "Exit" button. Simply closing the screen you visited last does not end your session in The Mailing List Printing Center, and can prevent you from entering you account in the future.

If you do forget to log out of your account and you are unable to access it the next time you want to log in, simply follow the instructions at What to do if you ever have a problem logging in to your account.

Once you've logged out of your account and closed the Goodby screen that appears, you will be able to see Bachcroft's shopping pages again.






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