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How to Create a Mailing List in Excel

Once you've opened a new Excel spreadsheet, start by creating a header row. In Example A below, we've created an
Excel spreadsheet for a wedding mailing list using the formal style for addressing wedding invitation envelopes.
Because some of our guests will need a second line for their names, a separate line for their apartment,
and an additional line for their country, we've created a header row that has eight columns.

Notice that we've created separate columns for "City," "State/Province," and for "Zip/Postal Code." Although you can
create as many or as few columns as you need for your mailing list, your spreadsheet must have those three columns.
Also, notice that no lines are skipped between rows. A skipped row would result in a skipped label during printing.

With the exception of the city, state or province, and zip or postal code, everything that you want printed on the
same line should appear in the same column. If you would like the zip codes and/or postal codes in your
mailing list printed on separate lines by themselves, you must specify that in your printing instructions
when you are placing your order. We will not know that by looking at your mailing list.

If your mailing list includes foreign countries and you select a script font, capitalizing every letter
in the country's name will make the name of that country virtually unreadable. Therefore, if you choose
a script font, we strongly recommend that you not capitalize the entire name of a country.

Once your Excel spreadsheet is ready to send, you can email it to The Mailing List Printing Center.

Example A
Sample Excel spreadsheet for a wedding mailing list.


When typeset, a spreadsheet like the one above will produce addressing that looks like this. (Citadel font shown.)

Sample printed wedding mailing list.

An Excel spreadsheet that looks like this

Example B
Sample Holiday mailing list.

will produce addressing that looks like this. (University Roman font shown.) Sample typeset holiday mailing list.

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